Special tools.

Special tools can be called by buttons under the tools section.

To add a tool, copy your python script to ProjectManager/Tools Your tool should have init() function.

Scene packer.

Used to pack scenes for clients/freelancers. Grabs all references of the file and saves them in one folder convenient for sending.

Quick Rig.

Tool for making simple FK rigs. To launch it go to settings tab and press QuickRig button.

To start rigging first select a root node(“geom” usually) and press init. This will create a basic rig. One controller and “geom” group parent constrained to it.

Then select a controller, then another transform group, and another etc. If “Chain Rig” checkbox is checked, tool woll create a chain of controllers that are parented one to another in the order you selected groups. If checkbox is not checked, all new controllers will be parented to the first controller you selected.


Open referenced file.

Quickly open referenced file. WIP version of it. To do that, select any node of referenced file and press “ps_openReferencedFile” button.


Reference reload.

If something funky is happening with a referenced file, you can call this tool. It will copy the selected reference and copy keys from old rig to a new one. Or just copy attribute values , if checkbox is not checked.

To call this tool, select any node on your rig, press “ps_manualLoadReference” button. A small window will appear, where textfield is the path of reference that will be used. If you want to update to newer rig you can change the path in that field.

Press “Run”

Check if everything is fine with the new reference and delete old one manually from maya’s reference editor.