Core ideas.

Metanodes system.

Core idea of our rig are metanodes. They are custom nodes with many attributes. These metanodes describe rig hierarchy, features, chains and how they will be built.


Re-rigging and focus on production process.

All the rig data is stored in metanodes system, so, even if you wipe all the rig down you have all needed data is safe and you can rebuild the rig easily.

A typical situation. You have already built the rig, but the modeler has updated the mesh. Inserting a new mesh into a rig can be very laborious, and even up to a complete rebuild (especially with the face). Our system allows you to minimize time losses in such situations. Until you start manually changing the skinning weights, all progress can be transferred to a new mesh with a couple of clicks.

Evaluation settings.

We designed this rig to run as quickly as possible. To achieve this, you need to use a GPU and parallel evaluation, so you need to turn on those in the settings.

Also, for best performance, there should be one mesh in the setup. Otherwise, there will be a delay when feeding meshes into the GPU.

If the GPU Override counter is at “0k” in your animation, then some rules are not followed. Usually it happens because you try to reference data from deformed mesh. You can read the autodesk paper about GPU override for more information or ask us.