Rig Finalization.

Here we will add some extra features like correcctives, lattices and deltamush. And finalize our rig.

Stage 1. Helpers.

If checked, rig builder will delete all joints in the rig that are not connected to skinclusters.
Make helpers
If checked, rig builder will create helper joints. Here you can read more on helpers setup.
If checked, rig builder will try to import helpers skin if such exists.
Skin cleanup
Will reskin all skinclusters in scene. This will delete all unused trash maya created and increase performance slightly.
Will chain all skins in blendshape for your helpers visualization.
Helpers UI
Calls a UI that will help you to manage your helper joints and corrective blendshapes.

Stage 2. Skin merging.

Delete blendshapes
This will delete all unused blendshape deformers.
Switch skin
This will switch your skin to the top one.
Merge skins
This will merge your skins onto one mesh. Type of merge you can choose in combobox.

Stage 3. Lattices, Deltamush.

This wil add lattices. More on creating lattices read here.
Skin Lattice
This will connect lattices to their controls.
This will apply deltamush to your mesh. Read more on deltamush here.
Will add corrective_blendshapes.

Stage 4. Finalization.


If you are planning to add a picker to your rig, skip this part for now. Save your rig and check picker manual first.

Attach face controls
Will attach_face_controls to face. Pick a method with lower combobox.
Patches your rig with your custom script before finalization.
Proximity vis
Will add proxomity_visibility feature to all controllers.
Will finalize the rig. Delete all unneeded nodes and connections. Reparent things. More on it here: finalization.

In Detail

Helper joints.

To create correctives, you first need to setup metanodes for those. To do that, select drivers for corrective ( Only joints supported now ), then select a trigger (One of the main controllers) and press Create Corrective node.


Now, when meta node is created, you need to save trigger pose. Put your trigger node to a pose that should trigger the corrective and press Save trigger pose

When trigger pose is saved, you can create your helpers. To do that, you should execute Other rig Stage 1 with MakeHelpers. This will create joints, offset and targets. Then, put offset locators <name>_help_0_poff and target locators <name>_help_0_ploc where you need them. These positions will be stored automatically and restored un next rebuild of your rig. You can mirror their positions from left side to right by pressing Mirror helper*s values button. Then you skin helper joints to skin cluster of second layer ( parts_skinCluster by default ). Then you can export this skin by pressing Export helpers skin for later use. Rig will automatically import it on helpers creation of ImpHelpSkin checkbox is active.


To create lattices, first you need to setup a lattice meta network. To do that, open lattice UI by clicking Lattices UI. This will call a UI and create temporary mesh to pick vertices from.

Select chain controls of a chain you want to parent your lattice to.

If you selected multiple controls, lattice’s division bumber will be equal to the bumber of selected objects. And lattice will be parented to chains joints.


If you select only one controller, lattice will be parented to parent bend transform of selected object.


Then you should pick affected vertices. Pick them on temporary mesh and press Set Vertices.

Then you need to set a default transform for your lattice. Click Visualize button. This will create a cube which you should put intp place where lattice will be. Press Clear When it’s done.

Now you can rig Stage 3 of Finalization rig with lattice checkboxes on.


Rig will apply deltamush on Stage 3 of Finalization rig if you create a npaDeformerMeta node, name it “fullsmooth_dmsh_mtnt”, connect to “nopiaRig_mtnt” node as shown on a picture and store vertices in it. You can use UI from “Network” tab.

Corrective blendshapes.

Face controls attachment.

Since its quite an expensive feature, face controls of your rig are not attached to the face by default. To attach those you need to pick attachment method in combobox. You can attach to mesh, or to face joints. Face joints method is yet experimental. Joints might drift. But this method doent require hiding these controls for saving performance. Then you check AttachFaceControls checkbox and launch Stage 4 of Finalization rig.

Rig patching.

Every rig might need some extra features that are not supported by the system. To add those, you can white your own python snippet, save it as patch.py in rigs folder and check a Patch checkbox inStage 4 of Finalization rig settings. This will execute your snippet on rigging.

Proximity Visilility.


Rig Finalization.

Rig will cleanup all connections and nodes that final rig doesn’t need.