Project setup.

  1. Copy a template folder. Give it a project name. Follow the naming convention.
  1. Launch the script, navigate to the folder you’ve just created.
  1. Type in mesh name. If you have multiple meshes, the rig will merge them into one at the final stage(If you want GPU to work at it’s best). This name will be given to the final mesh.
  1. Type in patch name. Patch is a small(or not very small) python script that you might want to run after default rig build was finished.!
  2. Type in publish script name. Publish script is a python script that you might want to run after you press “Publish” button. Copying published file elsewhere, for example.!
  1. Save your files as project files.

Version Control.

All file types have dedicated folders with versions.

You can save a new version of a file by pressing Save new version button.

And publish it by pressing Publish and Yes.


Note that it copies your current file to other place, so save it before you publish. All functionality that imports files uses published files, not versions.

Pick a version of file in “Version:” spinbox. Fist checkbox sets always to use final version. Second checkbox will let you open published file.